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District 13-4A Standings With a Where we Are Synopsis

Sunday, October 18th, 2020

Derek Wiatrek is under the pile of carnage in a score against Austin LBJ. (photo by Karen Holmes)

                       District 13-4A Division I Standings

                       Team            District    Pct        Overall    Pct   P S   PA
                       Lampasas        2-0       1.000        5-0      1.000   257   58
                       Austin LBJ      2-0       1.000        3-1       .750   101   63
                       CL Hawks        1-1        .500        3-4       .429   207  182
                       Burnet          1-1        .500        4-3       .571   174  165
                       Fredericksburg  0-2        .000        4-3       .571   219  141
                       Taylor          0-2        .000        0-6       .000    77  283

                       Last Week’s Results
                       CL Hawks     17   Taylor          00 Forfeit
                       Austin LBJ   35   Fredericksburg  13
                       Lampasas     45   Burnet          07

                       This Week’s Games
                       CL Hawks      @   Fredericksurg
                       Burnet        @   Taylor         Forfeit
                       Austin LBJ    @   Lampasas


CL Hawks JV Missed Opportunities Lead to Tie with Billies, 21-21

Friday, October 16th, 2020

              Coach Means means what he says in Hawks post game synopsis.


Canyon Lake’s Junior Varsity missed opportunities led to a hard fought tied affair against a potent Fredericksburg team, 21-21.


Advertiser’s Pick’em Contest

Thursday, October 15th, 2020

                                Shayne Moss getting tough yardage.                (photo by Karen Holmes)

                Hit-Man   Gordon    Signature Berkshire Capital    GoodLife   Bunk
                Pests     Plumber   Homes     Realtors  FarmCredit Pharm/UPS  Haus
                59-33     61-31     58-34     59-33     61-31      56-36      53-39

Taylor/Hawks    CL Hawks  CL Hawks  CL Hawks  CL Hawks  CL Hawks   CL Hawks   CL Hawks
Lampsas/Burnet  Lampasas  Lampasas  Lampasas  Lampasas  Lampasas   Lampasas   Lampasas
Freddie/LBJ     LBJ       LBJ       LBJ       LBJ       LBJ        Freddie    Freddie
SMU/Tulane      SMU       SMU       SMU       SMU       SMU        Tulane     SMU
BYU/Houston     Houston   Houston   Houston   Houston   BYU        Houston    BYU
Kentucky/Vols   Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee  Kentucky   Tennessee
A&M/Miss St     MSU       A&M       MSU       A&M       A&M        A&M        A&M
Georgia/Bama    Georgia   Bama      Bama      Bama      Bama       Bama       Georgia
Liberty/Cuse    Liberty   Liberty   Syracuse  Syracuse  Liberty    Liberty    Syracuse
Pitt/Miami      Miami     Miami     Miami     Miami     Miami      Miami      Miami
UNC-FloridaSt   UNC       UNC       UNC       UNC       UNC        FSU        FSU

Signature Homes says, Go Hawks!


Let’s Go Hawks and Hit’em Hard

               Let’s Go Hawks!!


Taylor Ducks Forfeit Game with Canyon Lake Hawks

Thursday, October 15th, 2020


Canyon Lake’s football game this weekend will go down as a forfeit after the Taylor Duck’s reported that they would not play based on covid protocol.


MV Hawks 7B Team Comeback Win is Sweet, 30-28

Wednesday, October 14th, 2020

                                Smiling MV Hawks in post-game talk after comeback win, 30-28.


Mountain Valley 7B came back from a 14 deficit to beat Canyon Middle School and keep their undefeated record in tact, 30-28.


Mountain Valley 7A Stay Focused in Win Over Canyon MS, 40-12

Wednesday, October 14th, 2020

                           Mountain Valley Hawks doing mop-up in win over Canyon Middle School, 40-12.


The Mountain Valley 7A team ran all over the Canyon Jaguars in keeping the Hawks in a good position to win their district crown if they can stay focused and win out, 40-12.



Monday, October 12th, 2020

                             Running Back Ryan Rivali fights for every yard in contest with Austin LBJ.              (photo by Karen Holmes)

              THIS WEEK          @    Canyon Lake         October 13th-17th

Tue. Oct 13   CL Hawks Freshman  @    Freddie Freshman    500p  Volleyball
              CL Hawks JV        @    Fredericksburg JV   500p  Volleyball
              CL Hawks           @    Fredericksburg      600p  Volleyball

Thu. Oct 15   CL Hawks Freshman  @    Taylor Freshman     600p  Football
              CL Hawks JV        @    Taylor JV           730p  Football

Fri. Oct 16   Boerne JV          @    CL Hawks            500p  Volleyball
              Boerne Freshman    @    CL Hawks Freshman   500p  Volleyball
              Boerne             @    CL Hawks            600p  Volleyball
Game Canceled Taylor             @    Canyon Lake         730p  Football

Sat. Oct 17   CL Hawks           @    Soldier River City  600a  Cross Country



Hawks Start District Play with a Loss to Austin LBJ, 21-14

Friday, October 9th, 2020

        Ryan Rivali score put Hawks ahead, 14-7 going into halftime.    (photo by Karen Holmes)


Canyon Lake improved from their loss last week but will need a little more to right the ship after just missing out on a win to open District 13-4A play against Austin LBJ, 21-14.


Another One Series Loss for CL’s Freshman to SA Reagan, 18-14

Friday, October 9th, 2020

                      CL Hawks get set of another drive in game against SA Reagan.


CL Freshman were one series away from another win after another tough loss at home, this time to San Antonio Reagan, 18-14.


Mountain Valley 8A Team can’t Finish it Out in Loss to Churchill, 27-08

Wednesday, October 7th, 2020

                   Mountain Valley 8A offense waits for play in game with Canyon MS.


The MV Hawks could not capitalize on their chances in loss to Churchill at Hawk Stadium on Tuesday afternoon, 27-08.