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District 13-4A Division I Standings and Musings

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

QB Peyton McMullen on a run that was longest in Hawk history for quarterbacks in earlier game with La Grange.                                 (photo by Karen Holmes)

            DISTRICT 13-4A DIVISION I
            Team            W  L     Pct    PS   PA
            Lampasas        3  0   1.000   153   51
            Fredericksburg  3  0   1.000   155   40
            CL Hawks        2  1    .667   129   82
            Burnet          2  1    .667    82   57
            Austin LBJ      0  0    .000    00   00
            Taylor          0  3    .000    54  127

            Last Week’s Results:
            CL Hawks        46   Beeville Jones  35
            Lampasas        57   Wimberley       28
            Fredericksburg  46   Gonzales        06
            Boerne          30   Burnet          07
            Giddings        46   Taylor          12

            This Week’s Schedule:
            CL Hawks        @   Jourdanton     7:30pm
            Lampasas        @   China Spring
            Brownwood       @   Burnet
            Fredericksburg  @   Wimberley
            Liberty Hill    @   Austin LBJ
            Taylor          @   La Grange



CL Hawks Freshman Come up Short in Loss to Beeville, 22-18

Sunday, September 13th, 2020

Hawks Freshman looking for a turnover as game comes to an end.


Canyon Lake Freshman continued their one score deficit for the season after losing to Beeville’s Freshman squad, 22-18.


CL Hawks Use Offensive Drive for, 46-35 Win over Beeville Jones

Saturday, September 12th, 2020

QB Peyton McMullen finished with 116 yards rushing, breaking most yardage gained rushing by a CL Quarterback.


Canyon Lake was run happy in their battle of the slot-t offenses after 4 Hawks broke 100 yards rushing accomplishing something that has never been done at The Lake.


Football: CLJV Run Away from the Bee’sville in 34-0 White-Wash

Friday, September 11th, 2020

                   Canyon Lake JV talks shop after a 34 win over Beeville on Thursday night.


Canyon Lake’s Junior Varsity saw through the Trojan horse in a white-wash win over Beeville, 34-00.


Canyon Lake Broadcasting Link for Game with Beeville Tonight

Friday, September 11th, 2020

      Jesse Horner scoring one of 4 touchdowns in win over La Grange.    (photo by Karen Holmes)


Canyon Lake will have their first ever battle against Beeville tonight on the road which means many in the Hawk Nation will need the link below so they can see/hear the action in tonight’s game.


Advertiser’s Pick’em Time

Friday, September 11th, 2020

                                Hawk Watch Party brought to you by CL Boosters!!


                Signature Gordon   Capital   Berkshire GoodLife   Hit-Man  Bunk RV
                  Homes   Plumber  FarmCredt Realtors  Pharm/UPS  on Pest  Haus
                  24-6    23-7     22-8      22-8      22-8       21-9     16-14
Hawks/Trojans   CL Hawks  CL Hawks CL Hawks  CL Hawks  CL Hawks   CL Hawks CL Hawks
Gonzales/Billie Freddie   Freddie  Freddie   Freddie   Freddie    Freddie  Gonzales
Boerne/Burnet   Boerne    Boerne   Boerne    Boerne    Boerne     Boerne   Burnet
Wimbo/Lampasas  Lampasas  Lampasas Lampasas  Lampasas  Lampasas   Lampasas Wimberley
Taylor/Giddings Giddings  Giddings Giddings  Giddings  Giddings   Giddings Taylor
Blanco/Anderson Anderson  Anderson Anderson  Blanco    Anderson   Blanco   Blanco
UTEP/Texas      Texas     Texas    Texas     Texas     Texas      Texas    UTEP
ArkieSt/K-State K-State   K-State  K-State   K-State   K-State    K-State  Arkie St
Louisiana/ISU   Iowa St   Iowa St  Iowa St   Iowa St   Iowa St    Iowa St  Iowa St
Syracuse/NCar   UNC       UNC      UNC       UNC       UNC        UNC      UNC
Duke/NDame      NDame     NDame    NDame     NDame     NDame      NDame    Duke
Clemson/WForest Clemson   Clemson  Clemson   Clemson   Clemson    Clemson  Wake Forest
GeoTech/FSU     FloridaSt FlordaSt FloridaSt FloridaSt GergiaTech FlordaSt Georgia Tech

Pre-Game: Canyon Lake @ Beeville Jones

Tuesday, September 8th, 2020

Hawks  were able to rack up their most yards in win over La Grange.      (Photo by Karen Holmes)

      Pre-Game:     CL Hawks     @   Beeville Jones
                    Hawks (1-1)      Trojans (1-1)

      Game Time: 7:30pm September 11th

      History: First game between these two schools.

      This Year’s Results:

      Hawks  22  Wimberley  24   Trojans  13  Boerne  42
      Hawks  61  La Grange  23   Trojans  35  Sinton  28



THIS WEEK @ CANYON LAKE September 8-11

Monday, September 7th, 2020

                                                         Digging time for Kaylee Moore.                 (photo by Gerald Castillo, San Marcos Daily Record)

                 THIS WEEK      @    CANYON LAKE            September 8-11

Tue. Sept.  8    CL Hawks       @    Wimberley              400p  Tennis
                 Cuero Freshman @    CL Hawks Freshman      430p  Volleyball
                 Cuero JV       @    CL Hawks JV            430p  Volleyball
                 Cuero          @    CL Hawks               530p  Volleyball

Thu. Sept. 10    Beeville Fresh @    CL Hawks Freshman      530p  Football
                 Beeville JV    @    CL Hawks JV            700p  Football

Fri. Sept. 11    CL Hawks       @    San Marcos             800a  Cross Country
                 John Paul JV   @    CL Hawks JV            500p  Volleyball
                 John Paul      @    CL Hawks               600p  Volleyball
                 CL Hawks       @    Beeville Jones         730p  Football



District 13-4A Division I Standings & Last Week’s Recap

Monday, September 7th, 2020

                                                      Hawks Strategy Session in win over La Grange.       (Photo by Karen Holmes)



                  Team             W   L     Pct    PS   PA
                  Burnet           2   0   1.000    75   27
                  Fredericksburg   2   0   1.000   109   34
                  Lampasas         2   0   1.000    96   23
                  Canyon Lake      1   1    .500    83   47
                  Austin LBJ       0   0    .000    00   00
                  Taylor           0   2    .000    42   81
                  This Week’s Results
                  CL Hawks        61   La Grange      23
                  Fredericksburg  54   Jarrell        14
                  Lampasas        41   Stephenville   00
                  Burnet          29   Gonzales       21
                  Rockdale        55   Taylor         21

                  This Week’s Games:
                  CL Hawks    @   Beeville Jones      7:30pm
                  Giddings    @   Taylor
                  Wimberley   @   Lampasas
                  Boerne      @   Burnet
                  Gonzales    @   Fredericksburg


All but one District 13-4A won their games this past week. Taylor was the only school that lost to a very tough Rockdale team.

Lampasas continues to show how powerful they will be as this season continues after going on the road and manhandled a always tough Stephenville team.

This Badger team will give your Hawks an idea of their strength this week when they face Wimberley.

Fredericksburg beat the same team Burnet had handled during the first week and will continue that following Burnet motif, as the Billies have Gonzales who those Bulldogs beat last week.

Austin LBJ continues their quarantine as a school that resides in Austin which has this 4A school under the UIL’s start date coming later this month.

That is an unfortunate for LBJ as they will not have as much time to get their team in gear based on starting later. However, on the good side, injuries for the most part may not be as big of a problem vs. teams that have played more games.

Canyon Lake will be battling Beeville as both schools were able to get their first win last week.

Sinton was the opponent that Beeville beat and that school might be a district champion.

The ReSporter found a ranking from MaxPreps which has Canyon Lake ranked 18th in the state.

Other teams of interest was Boerne being ranked 11th and Burnet resting with a 17th place on that list.

One note to remember on MaxPreps is that they will not have some teams on their site since they do not send this site their stats and info.

So, a team like Fredericksburg was not mentioned even tho they are undefeated. The Billies two wins are nothing to write home about but neither was Burnet’s conquests.

Once again, in a state as big as Texas, it is hard to have a good handle on the strength of schools this early in the season.

But now, The ReSporter can report the Hawks thusly, 18th Ranked Canyon Lake will be taking on Beeville this Friday.

Way to Go Hawks!!

La Grange Leopards Can’t Change Spots Lose to Hawks, 61-23

Saturday, September 5th, 2020

Hawks start home schedule with big win over La Grange, 61-23.  (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake started fast and used a 33 point blitz to close their first win of the year in front of a Wuhan Virus Sold Out Hawk Nation.