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Canyon Lake JV were a Blurrr in Win Over Blanco, 38-0

Thursday, September 27th, 2018

                                The Blurr was still going strong during this post-game speech.

Canyon Lake’s Junior Varsity were a blurrrr in their victory over the Blanco Panthers in winning, 38-0.

“That was all offense and we just kept at it,” Coach Bret Hodges said calmly. “We were able to get out and then showed our speed.”


Advertiser’s Pick’em Contest

Thursday, September 27th, 2018

                                   Kyle Wharton helping Hawks adding yardage as he waits for Andrew Kullberg’s block.
(photo by Karen Holmes)

               Signature Berkshire  BowHunter   NorthShore  MiMas     Martelli    RxGoodLife
                 Homes   Realtors   BBQ & Jerky    UMC                Insurance     & UPS
                47-17     43-21      45-19        43-21     41-23      37-27      39-25
CLHawks/Blanco CLHawks   CLHawks    CL Hawks    CL Hawks    CL Hawks  CLHawks     CL Hawks
Gatesvile/Lamp Gateville Lampasas   Gateville   Lampasas    Gateville Gatesville  Gatesville
Tayor/LaGrange LaGrange  Taylor     La Grange   LaGrange    LaGrange  Taylor      La Grange
Sonora/Burnet  Sonora    Sonora     Sonora      Burnet      Burnet    Sonora      Sonora
Boerne/Freddie Freddie   Boerne     Freddie     Freddie     Freddie   Freddie     Boerne
Iowa St/TCU    TCU       TCU        TCU         TCU         TCU       TCU         TCU
WVU/TexasTech  WVU       TTech      WVU         TTech       WVU       TTech       T Tech
Texas/K-State  Texas     Texas      Texas       Texas       Texas     K-State     Texas
A&M/arKansas   A&M       A&M        A&M         A&M         A&M       A&M         A&M
Florda/MsState MSU       MSU        Florida     MSU         MSU       MSU         MSU
UTEP/UTSA      UTSA      UTSA       UTSA        UTEP        UTEP      UTSA        UTSA
OhioSt/PennSt  OhioSt    PennSt     Penn St     OhioSt      PennSt    PennSt      Ohio St
LaTech/NoTexas UNT       UNT        UNT         UNT         UNT       UNT         UNT
Stanford/NDame N Dame    N Dame     Stanford    N Dame      N Dame    N Dame      N Dame

THIS WEEK @ CANYON LAKE. September 25th-19th

Sunday, September 23rd, 2018

             Lainee Moses is ready to receive in last week’s win over Boerne (photo by Karen Holmes)

               THIS WEEK         @    CANYON LAKE

Tue Sept 25    CL Hawks Freshman @    Llano Fresh      500p   Volleyball
               CL Hawks JV       @    Llano JV         500p   Volleyball
               CL Hawks          @    Llano            600p   Volleyball

Thu Sept 27    Blanco JV         @    CL Hawks JV      600p   Football

Fri Sept 28    CL Hawks Freshman @    Wimberley        500p   Volleyball
               CL Hawks JV       @    Wimberley        500p   Volleyball
               CL Hawks          @    Wimberley        600p   Volleyball
               CL Hawks          @    Blanco           730p   Football

Sat Sept 29    CL Hawks          @    Comfort            am.  Cross Country



District 14-4A Div. I with Team and Individual Stats

Sunday, September 23rd, 2018

CL Hawks Defense is still on top of the heap in Yards Allowed for District 14-4A.                  (photo by Karen Holmes)

                              District 14-4A Division I Standings

                         Team           W   L     Pct    PO   PA
                         CL Hawks       4   0   1.000   125   47
                         Liberty Hill   3   1    .750   227  119
                         Fredericksburg 3   1    .750   141  123
                         Taylor         2   2    .500   100  119
                         Lampasas       2   2    .500   162  122
                         Burnet         1   3    .250   106   89

                         This Week’s Games
                         CL Hawks        @     Blanco     Friday 7:30pm
                         Gatesville      @     Lampasas
                         Taylor          @     La Grange
                         Sonora          @     Burnet
                         Boerne          @     Fredericksburg

                         Last Week’s Results
                         CL Hawks        50    Smithville      30
                         La Vernia       51    Lampasas        50
                         Burnet          42    Manor New Tech  00
                         Liberty Hill    89    Connally        34
                         Fredericksburg  46    Wimberley       20

                                           Team Stats
                         Points Scored             Points Allowed
                         Liberty Hill      227     CL Hawks          47
                         Lampasas          162     Burnet            89
                         Fredericksburg    141     Taylor           119
                         CL Hawks          125     Liberty Hill     119
                         Burnet            106     Lampasas         122
                         Taylor            100     Fredericsburg    123

                         Total Offensive Yards     Total Yards Allowed
                         Liberty Hill     2041     CL Hawks         791
                         Lampasas         1870     Burnet          1321
                         Fredericksburg   1649     Taylor          1681
                         CL Hawks         1546     Liberty Hill    1687
                         Taylor           1464     Lampasas        1711
                         Burnet           1321     Fredericksburg  1750

                         Rushing Yards             Rushing Yards Allowed
                         Liberty Hill     1897     CL Hawks         297
                         CL Hawks         1251     Liberty Hill     483
                         Lampasas          932     Lampasas         621
                         Burnet            654     Burnet           657
                         Fredericksburg    548     Fredericksburg  1112
                         Taylor            476     Taylor          1326

                         Passing Yards             Receiving Yards Allowed
                         Fredericksburg   1101     Taylor           355
                         Taylor            988     CL Hawks         494
                         Lampasas          938     Lampasas         621
                         Burnet            713     Fredericksburg   633
                         CL Hawks          229     Burnet           667
                         Liberty Hill      144     Liberty Hill    1204

                                       Individual Stats
                         Passing           Team      Comp  Att    Pct    Yds   Int TD
                         Brant Bowers      Billie    65    110   .591   1009   4    9
                         Cole Harms        Ducks     73    110   .663    938   3    6
                         Ace Whitehead     Badgers   63    102   .617    904   2   11
                         Jaxson Denton     Bulldogs  25     50   .500    489   3    4
                         Peyton McMullen   Hawks      9     20   .450    229   0    2
                         Jacob Cearly      Panthers   3     10   .300     97   1    0

                         Rushing           Team       Att   Yds   Ave   TD
                         Kyle Harrison     Panthers   67    624   9.3   9
                         Jacob Ruff        Hawks      54    605  11.2   7
                         Jack Jerome       Badgers    70    600   8.6   5
                         Shane Gonzales    Panthers   47    472   6.7   6
                         Tristan Chacon    Hawks      54    296   5.5   3
                         Hobbs Price       Billie     36    251   7.0   1
                         Connor Kuykendall Panthers   30    194   6.5   0
                         Ace Whitehead     Badgers    34    169   4.9   5
                         Connor Rose       Hawks      19    161   8.5   1
                         Jaxson Denton     Bulldogs   36    160   4.4   2

                         Receiving         Team       No    Yds   Ave   TD
                         Cameron Everts    Badger     31    508  16.4   8
                         Blaine Burkhalter Bulldogs   19    410  21.6   7
                         Jarrett Beard     Billies    22    406  18.5   3
                         Michael Schneider Ducks      28    310  11.1   0
                         Joshua Handley    Billies    16    262  16.4   2
                         Hayden Ahrens     Billies    13    210  16.2   3
                         Santiago Estrada  Ducks      11    205  18.6   2
                         Michael Murray    Badgers    10    193  19.3   2
                         Josh Blue         Ducks      14    152  10.8   0
                         Hobbs Price       Billies     6    130  22.1   2

CL Hawks Become the Jones’ in Smithville Win, 50-30

Saturday, September 22nd, 2018

                        Kyle Wharton helping Hawks adding yardage as he waits for Andrew Kullberg’s block.
(photo by Karen Holmes)

Smithville started the game with three straight, 3 plays and a punt, and when the Tigers looked up Canyon Lake would have a 20 point lead which would end up being the final point differential in this win, 50-30.


CL Freshman Rush to Tie the Tigers, 28-28

Friday, September 21st, 2018

       CL Freshman have a tiring evening after scoring 3 times in last 6 minutes of 4th Quarter.

Canyon Lake Freshman team did not have your typical Slot-T Football game on Thursday night in Smithville. The Hawks scored first and kept the lead after a Smithville score and a failed point after attempt, 8-6.


Canyon Lake will be, On the Air, tonight starting at 6:45pm against Smithville

Friday, September 21st, 2018

Jacob Ruff scored one of 3 times in recent win over Wimberley.         (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake will continue their season when they meet with Smithville tonight at the Hawk Nest. The Tigers will be bringing a 2-1 record and an offense that can put points on the scoreboard.

CL holds a 2-0 series record with Smithville and with a win could reach a 4-0 record. A win would put the Hawks with a .500 all-time record and which has been reached just once before.

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Advertisers Football Pick’em Contest

Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

                            CL Hawk’s Defense limiting the Texans in Win.                         (photo by Karen Holmes)



                    Berkshire  Bow Hunter  Signature  NorthShore  MiMas     Martelli   GoodLife
                    Realtors   BBQ &Jerky    Homes      UMC                 Insurance   & UPS
                     36-14       36-14      37-13      35-15      32-18      31-19     29-21

Smithville/Hawks    CL Hawks   CL Hawks    CL Hawks   CL Hawks    CL Hawks  CL Hawks   CL Hawks
Blanco/Randolph     Randolph   Blanco      Blanco     Blanco      Blanco    Randolph   Randolph
Taylor/Salado       Salado     Taylor      Salado     Salado      Salado    Taylor     Taylor
Burnet/ManorTech    Burnet     Burnet      Burnet     Burnet      Burnet    Burnet     Burnet
Lampasas/LaVernia   LaVernia   Lampasas    LaVernia   LaVernia    LaVernia  LaVernia   LaVernia
Freddie/Wimberley   Texans     Texans      Billies    Texans      Texans    Billies    Texans
Conaly/LibertyHill  Panthers   Panthers    Panthers   Panthers    Panthers  Panthers   Connally
Kansas/Baylor       Kansas     Baylor      Kansas     Kansas      Kansas    Baylor     Baylor
A&M/Bama            Bama       Bama        Bama       Bama        Bama      A&M        A&M
TCU/Texas           Texas      Texas       Texas      Texas       Texas     TCU        Texas
TexState/UTSA       UTSA       Tx State    UTSA       UTSA        Tx State  Tx State   UTSA
TexasTech/OkieSt    Okie St    Okie St     Okie St    Okie St     T Tech    Okie St    Texas Tech
K-State/WVirginia   WVU        WVU         WVU        WVU         K-State   WVU        K-State
Stanford/Oregon     Stanford   Oregon      Stanford   Oregon      Stanford  Stanford   Stanford

Pre-Game: Smithville @ Canyon Lake Friday 7:30pm

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

                                Hawk Defense will need to be on this week in Smithville game.             (photo by Karen Holmes)

        PRE-GAME:      Smithville     @     Canyon Lake
                       Tigers (2-1)         Hawks (3-0)

        Series: This will be CL Hawks 3rd game with Tigers.
                The Hawks presently lead with a 2-0 record. 

                2014      CL Hawks   43   Tigers   14
                2015      CL Hawks   25   Tigers   14

         Season Results:
         CL Hawks  22  Marble Falls  00  Tigers  62  Austin Eastside  00
         CL Hawks  20  Weiss         03  Tigers  48  Austin Lanier    00
         CL Hawks  33  Wimberley     14  Tigers  48  Columbus         61



CL Hawks Clean Back Bone in Win over Texans, 33-14

Sunday, September 16th, 2018

         Tristan Chacon looking for space in win over Wimberley, 33-14.                (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake brought the Back-Bone Trophy back home after disposing Wimberley, 33-14 as the Hawks won their first road contest against our neighbors to the north and start the season 3-0.

At the 6:44 mark of the 2nd quarter, Canyon Lake had totaled 12 yards of offense as Wimberley’s defense was in the Hawk’s huddle and this contest was starting to get long in the tooth.