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CL Hawks Straighten the Back-Bone in Win over Wimberley

Friday, September 14th, 2018

Jacob Ruff finished with 222 yards in win over Wimberley. (this picture is from Weiss game)      (photo by Karen Holmes)


Canyon Lake brought the Back-Bone Trophy back home after disposing Wimberley 33-14 as the Hawks won their first road contest against our neighbors to the north.

This game was highlighted by a 93 yard pass play when Peyton McMullen found a wide open Chance Martelli for the score.

CL would showcase Jacob Ruff after a 222 yard rushing night that help cement the win scoring 3 touchdowns totaling 82 yards on those three scores.

The ReSporter will have a full write up on Sunday and Way to Go Hawks!!


           1  2  3  4  Final
CL Hawks   0 13  7 13  33
Wimberley  7  0  7  0  14
Scoring Summary:
WH-Colby Boyle 4 yard pass from Cooper McCollum (Kohls kick), 2:34, 1st
CL-Chance Martelli 93 yard pass from Peyton McMullen (run failed), 6:44, 2nd
CL-Jacob Ruff 21 yard run (Trenton Butler kick), 2:40, 2nd
CL-Caleb Almond 30 yard run (Trenton Butler kick), 10:55, 3rd
WH-Guy Kypuros 32 yard run (Kohls kick), 6:02, 3rd
CL-Jacob Ruff 22 yard run (pass failed), 8:10, 4th
CL-Jacob Ruff 39 yard run (Trenton Butler kick), 2:08, 4th

Team Stats           Texans     CLHawks
Total Yards          275        473
First Downs          16         19
Rush/Yards           25/149     43/374
Comp/Att/Int         18/34/0    2/6/0
Passing Yards        126        99
Punts/Average        6/36.5     3/37.0
Fumbles/Lost         2/2        1/1
Penalties-Yards      11-85      8-68

Passing              Comp  Att   Pct   Yds  Int  TD
Peyton McMullen      2     6    .333   99   0    1

Rushing              Att   Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
Jacob Ruff           12    222  18.5   55   3
Tristan Chacon       17     85   5.0   20   0
Caleb Almond          8     57   7.1   30   1
Connor Rose           4     14   3.5    8   0
Jacob Neel            1      6   6.0    6   0
Peyton McMullen       1    -10    —     —   0

Receiving            No    Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
Chance Martelli       1     93  93.0   93   1
Tristan Chacon        1      6   6.0    6   0

Back-Bone Battle will be On The Air tonight. 6:30pm Pre-Game

Friday, September 14th, 2018

                           Go Hawks and Beat the Texans!!                    (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake will be battling tonight in order to bring back the coveted Back-Bone Trophy. The Wimberley Texans have had this trophy for 2 years.

The Hawks won the first year this prize was up for the winner and now a chance to bring it back home.

The Pre-Game will commence at 6:30pm and game will be starting at 7:30pm tonight go to this Link to enjoy the action: Go Hawks and Beat the Texans

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Thanks and Go Hawks!!

JV Hawks Can’t Finish in Loss to Wimberley, 36-20

Friday, September 14th, 2018

                        JV Hawks Recapping after hard fought loss to Wimberley.

Canyon Lake’s Junior Varsity could not mainstay their momentum after a barrage of rushing yardage by Wimberley in losing, 36-20 on Thursday night.


Advertiser’s Pick’em Contest

Thursday, September 13th, 2018

                                  CL Hawk Defense looks to continue strong showing against the Texans.                      (photo by Karen Holmes)

                 Berkshire  Signature NShore    GoodLife   MiMa’s    BowHunter  Martelli
                  Realtor   Homes      UMC      & UPS                BBQ Jerky  Insurance
                   27-9       26-10    26-10     20-16      23-13     27-9       22-14
Hawks/Texans     CL Hawks   CL Hawks  CL Hawks  Texans     CL Hawks  CL Hawks   CL Hawks
CedarCreek/Fred  Billies    Billies   Billies   CedarCreek Billies   Billies    Billies
Giddings/Taylor  Giddings   Giddings  Giddings  Taylor     Giddings  Giddings   Giddings
Burnet/Lockhart  Lockhart   Lockhart  Lockhart  Burnet     Burnet    Lockhart   Lockhart
Lampasas/Lorena  Lorena     Lorena    Lorena    Lampasas   Lampasas  Lorena     Lampasas
LibrtyHll/Manor  Panthers   Panthers  Panthers  Panthers   Panthers  Panthers   Panthers
Marion/Blanco    Blanco     Blanco    Marion    Blanco     Blanco    Marion     Marion
USC/Texas        USC        Texas     USC       Texas      Texas     Texas      USC
OhioSt/TCU       TCU        Ohio St   Ohio St   TCU        Ohio St   Ohio St    Ohio St
Houston/TTech    TTech      Houston   Houston   TTech      TTech     TTech      Houston
ULM/A&M          A&M        A&M       A&M       A&M        A&M       A&M        A&M
Duke/Baylor      Duke       Duke      Duke      Baylor     Baylor    Duke       Baylor

Pre-Game: CL Hawks @ Wimberley Friday 7:30pm

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018

              Connor Rose takes on the Weiss Wolves in win, 20-3                                (photo by Karen Holmes)

          PRE/GAME: Canyon Lake    @    Wimberley       Friday 7;30pm
                    Hawks  (2-0)        Texans   (1-1)

            Series: The Texans lead this rivalry with an 8-2 record
                    2008  Hawks  07  Texans  41
                    2009  Hawks  15  Texans  38
                    2010  Hawks  18  Texans  38
                    2011  Hawks  14  Texans  50
                    2012  Hawks  03  Texans  40
                    2013  Hawks  28  Texans  13
                    2014  Hawks  27  Texans  28
                    2015  Hawks  28  Texans  14
                    2016  Hawks  21  Texans  31
                    2017  Hawks  13  Texans  21

                    This Year’s Results:
                    Hawks 22  Marble Falls  00    Texans  32  Burnet   25
                    Hawks 20  Weiss         03    Texans  13  Giddings 63



District 14-4A Division I Team & Individual Stats

Tuesday, September 11th, 2018

        Connor Rose signals Touchdown after Tristan Chacon scores on 15 yard run in win over Weiss.              (photo by Karen Holmes)


             DISTRICT 14-4A DIVISION I    Team and Individual Stats (2 games)

             Points Average        Offense                             Defense
             Liberty Hill            50.0            CL Hawks             1.5
             Lampasas                49.0            Lampasas            18.0
             Fredericksburg          29.5            Burnet              33.0
             Taylor                  25.5            Taylor              35.0
             CL Hawks                21.0            Fredericksburg      36.0
             Burnet                  19.5            Liberty Hill        36.5

             Offense Yardage                         Defensive Yardage
             Liberty Hill            1009            CL Hawks             181
             Lampasas                 959            Lampasas             601
             Fredericksburg           840            Taylor               747
             Taylor                   654            Fredericksburg       905
             CL Hawks                 577            Burnet               925
             Burnet                   534            Liberty Hill        1035

             Rush Defense                            Pass Defense
             CL Hawks                  41            CL Hawks             140
             Burnet                   340            Lampasas             159
             Liberty Hill             358            Taylor               207
             Lampasas                 442            Fredericksburg       262
             Taylor                   540            Burnet               585
             Fredericksburg           905            Liberty Hill         627

             Rush Offense                            Pass Offense
             Liberty Hill             912            Fredericksburg       631
             Lampasas                 483            Lampasas             476
             CL Hawks                 453            Burnet               326
             Taylor                   356            Taylor               298
             Fredericksburg           209            Liberty Hill          97
             Burnet                   208            CL Hawks              58

                                   Individual Stats Top 10
                             Team           comp   att     pct    yards   int   TD
            Brent Bowers     Burnet          29     54    .537     631     2    5
            Ace Whitehead    Lampasas        28     38    .737     476     0    7
            Jaxson Denton    Burnet          21     56    .375     317     0    4
            Taylor Harms     Taylor          13     20    .650     197     2    1
            Jacob Cearly     Liberty Hill     3      9    .333      97     0    1
            Peyton McMullen  CL Hawks         3      8    .375      58     0    0

                             Team            Att     Yds    Ave    TD
            Kyle Harrison    Liberty Hill    33      347   10.5    6
            Jack Jerome      Lampasas        25      255   10.2    3
            Jacob Ruff       CL Hawks        28      252    9.0    2
            Shane Gonzales   Liberty Hill    24      166    6.9    1
            Hobbs Price      Fredericksburg  29      156    5.4    1
            Connor Kykendall Liberty Hill    16      120    7.5    0
            Jacob Schofield  Liberty Hill    10      119   11.9    1
            Tristan Chacon   CL Hawks        22       98    4.5    2
            Anthony Arnold   Lampasas         8       89   11.1    0
            Ace Whitehead    Lampasas        17       85    5.0    1

                              Team            No      Yds    Ave   TD
            Bradyn McPherson  Burnet          12      229   19.1   4
            Cameron Everts    Lampasas        11      218   19.8   6
            Jarrett Beard     Fredericksburg   7      189   27.0   2
            Joshua Handley    Fredericksburg   8      149   18.3   0
            Hobbs Price       Fredericksburg   5      129   25.8   2
            Hayden Ahrens     Fredericksburg   4       92   24.0   1
            Michael Murray    Lampasas         5       88   17.6   1
            Michael Schneider Taylor           9       88    9.8   0
            Luke Kiser        Burnet           5       67   13.4   0
            Santiago Estrada  Taylor           2       63   31.5   1

District 14-4A Division I Football Standings

Monday, September 10th, 2018

                 Connor Rose getting every inch possible in Weiss win. (photo by Karen Holmes)

                     FOOTBALL STANDINGS DISTRICT 14-4A I
                     Team            W   L    Pct    Points    Pts Allowed
                     CL Hawks        2   0  1.000      42         03
                     Lampasas        2   0  1.000      98         36
                     Liberty Hill    1   1   .500     100         73
                     Fredericksburg  1   1   .500      59         72
                     Taylor          1   1   .500      51         70
                     Burnet          0   2   .000      39         66

                     Last Week’s Results
                     CL Hawks        20    Pflugerville Weiss   03
                     Lampasas        42    Lago Vista           07
                     Taylor          30    Lockhart             29
                     Marble Falls    34    Burnet               14
                     Hutto           52    Liberty Hill         51
                     Kerrville Tivy  57    Fredericksburg       41

                     This Week’s Schedule
                     CL Hawks         @    Wimberley        7:30pm
                     Lampasas         @    Lorena
                     Burnet           @    Lockhart
                     Liberty Hill     @    Manor
                     Giddings         @    Taylor
                     Cedar Creek      @    Fredericksburg


       Go Hawks BEAT Wimberley

Canyon Lake teamed up with Lampasas as the only two schools without a loss for District 14-4A Division I.

Lampasas and Liberty Hill are leading in the points scored category while CL Hawks have lapped the field defensively with just 3 points scored in their first two contests. Canyon Lake did not have a full game in last week’s battle, so you can know that those numbers can be skewed by a certain amount.

Lampasas will have a good test with Lorena this week while Liberty Hill found that they are the real deal by taking Hutto into an overtime before a loss on a 2point conversion by the Hippos in that loss. Hutto is ranked in the top 10 in 5A going into that contest.

Taylor got on a winning track beating Lockhart and will be facing a tough opponent when Giddings comes to the Ducks new stadium. Those Buffaloes took it to Wimberley in their last game.

Fredericksburg met a very good offensive team in a game with Kerrvville Tivy and now rest tied with Liberty Hill and Taylor in the won/lost record.

Burnet is still looking for their first win after a loss to Marble Falls and will have a chance to see how they will measure up with Taylor after battling Lockhart this week.

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Go Hawks!!

THIS WEEK @ CANYON LAKE September 11th-15th

Sunday, September 9th, 2018

Defense will be a key in game with Wimberley on Friday        (photo by Karen Holmes)

                    THIS WEEK         @     CANYON LAKE        September 13th-15th

Thursday Oct. 13th  Wimberley 7th B   @     MVMS 7th B           430p  Football
                    Wimberley 7th A   @     MVMS 7th A           545p  Football
                    MVMS 8th B        @     Wimberley 8th B      430p  Football
                    MVMS 8th A        @     Wimberley 8th A      545p  Football                                      CL Hawks Freshman @     Wimberley Fresh      700p  Football
                    Wimberley JV      @     CL Hawks JV          700p  Football

Friday Oct. 14th    La Vernia Fresh   @     CL Hawks Freshman    500p  Volleyball
                    La Vernia JV      @     CL Hawks JV          500p  Volleyball
                    La Vernia         @     CL Hawks             600p  Volleyball
                    CL Hawks          @     Wimberley            730p  Football

Saturday Oct. 15th  CL Hawks Fr & JV  @     SVHS Tourney         TBD   Volleyball
                    CL Hawks          @     Lago Vista           900a  Cross Country



CL Hawks Take Weiss by Storm, 20-3

Friday, September 7th, 2018

Hawks helping Ref’s with Touchdown sign after Jacob Ruff sneaked over the goal line.        (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake took the reins starting the 2nd Half and beat the Weiss Wolves by storm, 20-3 as the Hawks will ready themselves for their first road game in Wimberley next week.


Canyon Lake will be ‘ON THE AIR’ tonight starting at 6:30pm

Friday, September 7th, 2018

 Sophomore QB Peyton McMullen goes for 2nd win for this season.   (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake will have their second home game in a row when the Weiss Wolves come to the hill-country to take on your Hawks.

Weiss is still wet behind the ears as this new school has a schedule this season that will have them competing in their first district race.

The Wolves started this campaign with a loss to Leander while your Hawks took care of business in their win over Marble Falls.

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Here is the Link and Go Hawks:Hawks welcomes the Wolves to the Hawk Nest