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Spring Sports Preview II with Girl’s Track and Softball

Thursday, January 14th, 2021

                         Coach Galloway and the team after a game at the Blanco Tournament last year.



The ReSporter will continue an introduction for a plethora of spring sports that will start when February comes calling in two weeks.


All Decade Player Liz Carter Joins Coaching Staff

Saturday, July 25th, 2020

            Liz Carter was added as Hawk’s Softball & Volleyball Coach.

Liz Carter, a highly acclaimed former Westlake and Corpus Christi A&M softball player, joins the athletic department as an assistant coach in softball and volleyball.


Hawk Softball All-Time Stat Leaders

Monday, March 9th, 2020

              Maddy Puente, Marley Carrizales and Bailey Bryan are well represented on the Hawks All-Time List.


                         ALL-TIME SOFTBALL STATS TOP 10 
            At Bats                          Runs
            Alexis Robinson      360         Alexis Robinson     117
            Kat Weber            329         Bailey Bryan        114
            Kelsey Ahrens        328         Carley Dubois       105
            Carley Dubois        327         Marley Carrizales    98
            Bailey Bryan         313         Kirsten Jones        89
            Vicky Henderson      289         McKenna Beseda       80
            Maddy Puente         285         Missy Romero         77
            McKenna Beseda       274         Kat Weber            77
            Marley Carrizales    255         Kelsey Ahrens        73
            Missy Romero         251         Maddy Puente         64

            Hits                             RBI’s
            Carley Dubois        149         Bailey Bryan        100
            Bailey Bryan         139         Maddy Puente         97
            Alexis Robinson      135         Alexis Robinson      94
            Marley Carrizales    132         Kelsey Ahrens        76
            Maddy Puente         113         Brianna Young        75
            Kelsey Ahrens        109         Kat Weber            64
            Kat Weber            104         Lauren Mentzer       59
            McKenna Beseda       103         Missy Romero         55
            Missy Romero          90         Carley Dubois        50
            Brianna Young         87         Adriana Peaslee      49

            Doubles                          Triples
            Maddy Puente          32         Alexis Robinson      15
            Alexis Robinson       27         Missy Romero          9
            Brianna Young         24         Bailey Bryan          6
            Missy Romero          24         Kaylee Puente         6
            Kelsey Ahrens         24         Kenzie Sayles         5
            Bailey Bryan          23         Kat Weber             5
            Adriana Peaslee       18         Jessie Melendez       5
            Lauren Mentzer        17         Kelsey Ahrens         4
            Kat Weber             15         Maddy Puente          4
            McKenna Beseda        12         Carley Dubois         4

            Home Runs                        Base on Balls
            Bailey Bryan          14         Bailey Bryan         56
            Alexis Robinson       11         Missy Romero         55
            Maddy Puente           8         Brianna Young        53
            Kelsey Ahrens          6         Alexis Robinson      52
            Brianna Young          4         Carley Dubois        39
            Angie Rodriguez        3         Kat Weber            39
            Maggie Banks           3         Marley Carrizales    38
            Adriana Peaslee        3         Kelsey Ahrens        35
            Carley Dubois          2         Adriana Peaslee      27
            Missy Romero           2         Lauren Mentzer       26
            Lauren Mentzer         2

            Stolen Bases                     Batting Average (60 or more at bats)
            Carley Dubois         92         Marley Carrizales  .556
            Marley Carrizales     53         Carley Dubois      .456
            Kirsten Jones         45         Bailey Bryan       .444
            Bailey Bryan          41         Adriana Peaslee    .406
            Tiffany Arredondo     39         Maddy Puente       .404
            McKenna Beseda        33         Kenzie Sayles      .391
            Vicky Henderson       27         McKenna Beseda     .376
            Alex Henderson        25         Alexis Robinson    .375
            Missy Romero          22         Brianna Young      .367
            Kat Weber             20         Missy Romero       .359

            Wins                             Saves
            Missy Romero          41         Maggie Banks         10
            Alexis Robinson       40         Maddy Puente          4
            Lauren Mentor         22         Alexis Robinson       2
            Maddy Puente          21         Lauren Mentzer        1
            Maggie Banks          21
            Kenzie Sayles          6

            Strikeouts                       Innings Pitched
            Alexis Robinson      682         Alexis Robinson   528.1
            Missy Romero         641         Missy Romero      498.1
            Lauren Mentzer       258         Maddy Puente      242.0
            Maddy Puente         211         Lauren Mentzer    225.0
            Maggie Banks         103         Maggie Banks      157.2
            Kenzie Sayles         61         Kenzie Sayles      93.1

                           ERA (earned run average)
                           Missy Romero        2.77
                           Alexis Robinson     3.35
                           Lauren Mentzer      3.52
                           Maggie Banks        3.78
                           Maddy Puente        5.09

Hawks Beat Comfort in First Contest in Blanco Tournament, 5-0

Sunday, March 8th, 2020

Canyon Lake was busy this past week-end traveling between Blanco and Johnson City. The Hawks played their first game against Comfort and came out on top, 5-0.


CL Hawks Softball Send Burnet to Pound after a 14-3 Pounding

Wednesday, March 4th, 2020

Softball Little League Enjoy CL Varsity after win over Burnet, 14-3.


Canyon Lake Softball took the Burnet Bulldogs to the pound after scoring a, 14-3 win and improving their record to 5-9 going into the Blanco Tournament this weekend.


CL Hawks Softball Fall All Over the Marbles in 5-0 Win

Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

Maddy Puente pitched a shut-out and hit a home-run in win over Marble Falls, 5-0.


The Lady Hawk’s Softball held their own in beating Marble Falls after Maddy Puente homer helped her pitching in this win, 5-0.


CL Hawks Softball Start Season 1-5 in Steele Tournament

Sunday, February 23rd, 2020

Maddy Puente has 3 doubles, that has her #1 with 28 all-time in her career.


Canyon Lake started their season in rough waters finishing their first tournament with a 1-5 record against 5A and 6A schools.


THIS WEEK @ CANYON LAKE February 17th-22nd

Sunday, February 16th, 2020

                         CL’s Boys Basketball look to continue their season this week with a win in Wimberley.

                THIS WEEK      @     CANYON LAKE

Mon Feb. 17th   CL Hawks JV    @     Burnet JV           430p       Baseball
                CL Hawks       @     Burnet              700p       Baseball

Tue Feb. 18th   CL Hawks       @     Bandera             800a Girls Golf
                CL Hawks Fresh @     Wimberley Freshman  500p Boys  Basetball
                CL Hawks JV    @     Wimberley JV        500p Boys  Basketball
                CL Hawks JV    @     Wimberley JV        500p Girls Soccer
                Wimberley JV   @     CL Hawks JV         500p Boys  Soccer
                CL Hawks       @     Wimberley           630p Boys  Basketball
                Wimberley      @     CL Hawks            700p Boys  Soccer
                CL Hawks       @     Wimberley           700p Girls Soccer
                CL Hawks       vs.   Liberty Hill        800p Girls Basketball
                Bi-District    @     Johnson City

Wed Feb. 19th   CL Hawks       @     Bandera             800a Boys  Golf

Thu Feb. 20th   CL Hawks       vs.   Del Valle          1000a       Softball
                CL Hawks       vs.   Lake Travis        1200n       Softball
                                     Canyon/Steele Tournament

Fri Feb. 21st   CL Hawks       @     San Marcos          800a       Tennis
                CL Hawks       vs.   Lockhart           1200n       Softball
                CL Hawks       vs.   Seguin              400p       Softball
                CL Hawks       @     Lockhart            500p       Baseball
                Bandera JV     @     CL Hawks            500p Girls Soccer
                CL Hawks JV    @     Bandera JV          500p Boys  Soccer
                CL Hawks       @     Lockhart            700p       Baseball
                Bandera        @     CL Hawks            700p Girls Soccer
                CL Hawks       @     Bandera             700p Boys  Soccer

Sat Feb. 22nd   CANYON LAKE RELAYS                       830a Track & Field
                CL Hawks       vs.   New Braunfels       200p       Softball
                CL Hawks       vs.   Steele              600p       Softball




Monday, February 10th, 2020

CL Boy’s Soccer at the Final Four Last Year Receiving awards, will start their district this week!     (photo by Karen Holmes)

                 THIS WEEK        @     CANYON LAKE             February 10th-14th

Mon Feb. 10th    CL Hawks         @     Llano                   800a Girls Golf
                 CL Hawks         @     Blanco                  500p       Softball
                 CL Hawks JV      @     Hondo JV                430p       Baseball
                 CL Hawks         @     Hondo                   630p       Baseball

Tue Feb. 11th    CL Hawks         @     San Marcos              800a       Tennis
                 Boerne           @     CL Hawks                500p Girls Soccer
                 CL Hawks         @     Boerne                  500p Boys  Soccer
                 Llano Freshman   @     CL Hawks Freshman       500p Boys  Basketball
                 Llano JV         @     CL Hawks JV             500p Boys  Basketball
                 CL Hawks Fresh   @     Llano Freshman          500p Girls Basketball
                 CL Hawks JV      @     Llano JV                500p Girls Basketball
                 CL Hawks         @     Llano                   615p Girls Basketball
                 Llano            @     CL Hawks                630p Boys  Basketball
                 Boerne           @     CL Hawks                700p Girls Soccer 
                 CL Hawks         @     Boerne                  700p Boys  Soccer

Thu Feb. 13th    CL Hawks         @     Llano                   800a Boys  Golf
                 CL Hawks         @     Wimberley TBA Track & Field Relays Only

Fri Feb 14th     Billies Fresh    @     CL Hawks Freshman       500p Boys  Basketball
                 Billies JV       @     CL Hawks JV             500p Boys  Basketball
                 Lampasas JV      @     CL Hawks JV             500p       Baseball
                 Billies          @     CL Hawks                630p Boys  Basketball
                 Lampasas         @     CL Hawks                700p       Baseball
                 CL Hawks         @     Who Knows Where         700p Girls Basketball



Hawk’s Softball will be Ready to Play some Hardball this Year

Friday, January 31st, 2020

                                         Coach Galloway wisdom talk after a Hawk Softball Game!


Canyon Lake’s Softball Team will be one of the first Spring Sports that will break ground like a seed this next week.