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THIS WEEK @ CANYON LAKE Feb-26 thru Mar 3rd

Sunday, February 25th, 2018

                 Every Lady Hawk was recognized for District 28-4A awards after incredible season.


                      THIS WEEK     @    CANYON LAKE         February 26-March 3rd

 Feb 26 Monday        CL Hawks      @    Blanco            All-Day   Boys   Golf
                      Blanco JV     @    CL Hawks JV          430p          Baseball

 Feb 27 Tuesday       CL Hawks      @    Blanco            All-Day   Girls  Golf
                      Boerne JV     @    CL Hawks JV          500p   Boys   Soccer
                      Boerne        @    CL Hawks             700p   Boys   Soccer
                      CL Hawks      @    Boerne               700p   Girls  Soccer

 Mar 1 Thursday       CL Hawks      vs.  Llano               1200n          Softball
                      CL Hawks      vs.  TMI                  130p          Softball
                      CL Hawks      vs.  Johnson City         430p          Softball
                      All-Games     @    Johnson City
                      CL Hawks      vs.  Devine Tourney        tba          Baseball

 Mar 2 Friday         SA Highlands  @    CL Hawks JV          530p          Baseball
                      Navarro       @    CL Hawks             530p          Softball
                      CL Hawks      vs   Devine Tourney        tba          Baseball

 Mar 3 Saturday       CL Hawks      vs.  Devine Tourney        tba          Baseball
                      CL Hawks      vs.  SAC                 1030a          Softball
                      CL Hawks      vs.  Akins                430p          Softball
                      All-Games     @    Johnson City
                      CL Hawks      @    Navarro           All-Day          Track & Field


Track & Field: Boys Caimen on Strong in Saturday’s Lobo Relay

Sunday, February 25th, 2018

PR is another way to show that a Track & Field athlete has achieved a personal best and at this past week-end track meet at the Lobo Relays in Hays, CL had several students to not only achieve a personal best but by that performance move up in Canyon Lake’s All-Time Best Top Ten.


Track & Field: Lady Hawks have a One-Two Punch at Lobo Meet

Sunday, February 25th, 2018

                                         Madison Churbe & Skylar Hurst do not need a Track Meet for competition.

Lady Hawk’s Varsity win their first Meet after scoring 176.5 points to outdistance 2nd place Lehman by 61 points with a very impressive day on the cinders.

The Lady Hawk JV team finished 2nd giving Canyon Lake a one-two punch for the day at the Lobo Relays at Hays High School.


Boys & Girls All-Time Best Times, Throws and Jumps

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

                                        Mariah Ellis jumped high in several events while she was at Canyon Lake.


The ReSporter would like to post the All-Time Track Athletes so you can be aware of what is needed for this season.

With one meet already in the books, Canyon Lake will be back at the cinders this Saturday at the Lobo Relays in Hays.

There are some athletes that have already inched their way into the records below as we will have the top 10 of each event.

Hope you enjoy this and tell our advertisers that you saw their Ad on this site as that is how The ReSporter can stay up and running.

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THIS WEEK @ CANYON LAKE February 19-24

Sunday, February 18th, 2018

     Sophomore Jessie Melendez going to battle after a field goal try.              (photo by Karen Holmes)

                 This Week         @       Canyon Lake

Monday  Feb 19   Llano JV          @       CL JV           500p          Baseball
                 CL Hawks          @       Llano           600p          Baseball

Tuesday Feb 20   Canyon Lake       @       Marion          All-Day Girls Golf
                 CL Hawks JV       @       Marble Falls    500p          Softball
                 Bandera           @       CL Hawks        500p    Girls Soccer
                 CL Hawks JV       @       Bandera         500p    Boys  Soccer
                 CL Hawks          @       Marble Falls    700p          Softball
                 CL Hawks          @       Bandera         700p    Boys  Soccer
                 CL Hawks          vs.     Wimberley       800p    Boys  Basketball
                 Bi-District New Braunfels High School
               **CL Hawks          vs.     SA Veterans     800p    Girls Basketball
                 Quarterfinals Canyon High School

Wednesday Feb 21 CL Hawks          @       Marion          All-Day Boys  Golf

Thursday Feb 22  Hallettsville     @       CL Hawks        100p          Softball
                 Yoakum            @       CL Hawks        300p          Softball
                 Hill Country Tournament
                 CL Hawks          @       Marion Tourney  TBA           Baseball

Friday Feb 23    Navarro           @       CL Hawks        100p          Softball
                 Hill Country Tournament
                 CL Hawks          @       Marion Tourney  TBA           Baseball
                 Fredericksburg    @       CL Hawks JV     500p   Boys   Soccer
                 Fredericksburg    @       CL Hawks        700p   Boys   Soccer
                 CL Hawks          @       Fredericksburg  700p   Girls  Soccer

Saturday Feb 24  Luling            @       CL Hawks       1000a          Softball
                 Flatonia          @       CL Hawks        200p          Softball
                 Hill Country Tourney
                 CL Hawks          @       Marion Tourney TBA            Baseball
                 CL Hawks          @       Lobo Relays    All-Day        Track
                 Hays High School

**CLB will be Live Streaming this Quarterfinal Match-up with Pre/Game 7:30p



Lady Hawk Tracksters Place 2nd Varsity & 3rd JV at Hawk Relays

Friday, February 16th, 2018

The Lady Hawk Tracksters started their season last Wednesday finishing in 2nd place with a slimmer group in numbers.

Audrey Schulze led all the Varsity scorers with 27 points followed by Alysha Perez with 22 points in the Hawk Relay scoring.


Boys Varsity Track Finish 2nd & JV had 3rd Place Finish at Hawk Relays

Thursday, February 15th, 2018

Track Season has a Great Start as CL Finish 2nd in Hawk Relays.                    (photo Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake Boys finished 2nd in the Hawk Relays as their Track Season started in earnest.



Sunday, February 11th, 2018

Jorge DeLeon making strides in game with Boerne with Jaren Marmolejo not far behind.  (photo by Lynne Carpenter)

              THIS WEEK       @    CANYON LAKE           Feb. 12-17

Mon Feb 12    CL Hawks        @    New Braunfels       All-Day   Boys   Golf
                                   Landa Park
              Wimberley JV    @    CL Hawks JV            500p          Softball
              Wimberley       @    CL Hawks               700p          Softball 

Tue Feb 13    CL Hawks        @    Llano               All-Day   Girls  Golf
              CL Hawks JV     @    Burnet                 430p          Baseball
              Burnet          @    CL Hawks               500p          Baseball
              Boerne Freshman @    CL Hawks Freshman      500p   Boys   Basketball
              Boerne JV       @    CL Hawks JV            500p   Boys   Basketball
              Boerne          @    CL Hawks               630p   Boys   Basketball
            **GONZALES        vs.  CL HAWKS               630P   Girls  Basketball
                                   Bi-District Canyon High School

Wed Feb 14    Hawk Relays     @    Canyon Lake            300p          Track

Thu Feb 15    CL Hawks        vs.  Seguin                1230p          Softball
              CL Hawks        vs.  Victoria East          415p          Softball
                                   Canyon Tourney

Fri Feb 16    Wimberley JV    @    CL Hawks JV            500p   Boys   Soccer
              CL Hawks        @    Wimberley              600p   Girls  Soccer
              CL Hawks        vs.  New Braunfels          600p          Softball
            **CL Hawks        vs.  Sealy                  630p   Girls  Basketball
              CL Hawks        vs.  Bandera                700p   Boys   Basketball
              Wimberley       @    CL Hawks               700p   Boys   Soccer
              CL Hawks        vs.  Steele HS              700p          Softball
              Canyon Tourney  @    Steele High School

Sat Feb 17    Lockhart JV     @    CL Hawks JV           1000a          Baseball
              Lockhart        @    CL Hawks              1200n          Baseball
              CL Hawks        vs.  Lehman                 215p          Softball
              CL Hawks        vs.  Canyon                 745p          Softball
                                   Canyon Tourney

********Game to be Live Streamed on Canyon Lake Broadcasting starting @ 6:00 pm



Boy’s Track & Field Coaches Corner with Troy Moses

Monday, February 5th, 2018

Track and Field Coach Troy Moses

The ReSporter: What do you feel will be your strengths this year?

Coach Moses: “Our throwers could wind up being the strength of this team. They are seniors (Jacob Foster, Joseph Crisp, Ross Snowden, Brayden and Bradley Hight)who love to compete and love to see themselves improve. Lester Boehm will be the leader of our sprinters and Caimen McDonough will lead the jumps and hurdles.” (more…)

Canyon Lake’s New District Alignment for 2018-19 is Now in the Books!

Sunday, February 4th, 2018

CL Hawks are ready for a new district for next 2 years.                    (photo by Karen Holmes)


February 1st is upon us and this is the date set for announcing what district a school will be a part of for their next two seasons.