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Homecoming for Melone Hired as Hawk JV Volleyball Coach

Monday, July 6th, 2020

Hayley Melone will be getting ready for action as Canyon Lake’s next Junior Varsity Volleyball Coach.


Canyon Lake welcomes home one of it’s own by hiring Hayley Melone as the new junior varsity volleyball coach.


Canyon Lake’s Sports will Have Some Changes after Alignment

Thursday, February 20th, 2020

Canyon Lake High School Strong End / Defensive End Kolton Ramey (#88) and Center / Defensive Tackle Brayden Hodge (#64) rushes the Lampasas offensive line. rr[Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

The UIL Alignment has Canyon Lake with some new neighbors for the upcoming two years in Football.


ALL-DECADE Games Continued with Countdown, No. 7th, 6th, and 5th Place

Thursday, January 9th, 2020

Canyon Lake High School Running Back Jacob Ruff (#32) rushes for a touchdown against the Pleasanton High School Eagles.  [Photo Credit: Mark Robinson/MJR Photography/ www.mjrphotog.com]


               Let’s Go Hawks!!

The Reporter would like to encourage the readers to go to that earlier entry for the 10th-9th and 8th place write-ups if you are reading this piece for the first time.

These games/events were hard to pick just 10 and then put them in order presented even more contemplation. What the ReSporter thinks are would be according to one person and certainly there would be a different group of 9 out of 10 people with other opinions. Hope you enjoy and use the Links to go back in history to recall these events.

Now the next 3 sports will be presented and a reasons why these games were slotted in this group and what the significance that propelled them to these lofty goals.

We will have a Link to the articles so a reader can go back and have a better rendition of these particular events.


Number 7 Canyon Lakes Boy’s Soccer Win over Gonzales for a berth into the Sweet 16

Now the next Hawk Event comes for the Boys Soccer team that won their 2nd playoff game during the 2017 season against Gonzales.

Signature Homes says, Go Hawks!

That year, The Lake, drew a bye for that first round playoff contest and then pulled off one of the biggest upset in Canyon Lake’s history after a last second kick off the foot of Nash Young in beating a one loss Salado team.

Canyon Lake would then have a date against a Gonzales team at a neutral site that was anything but neutral. The Apaches had a 26 mile jaunt to Yoakum while the Hawks traveled right at 2.5 hours from home for this match-up.

When the stadium was found a huge contingent of Gonzales fans would fill the stands as it was apparent that Soccer was THE sport for this school.

CL was new in this sport with this being the 2nd year of qualifying for a playoff and in that previous season it would be a one and done scenario. In fact, Boys Soccer was the last Hawk Team sport that was able to have a season where a playoff was earned.

There were some years that scoring a goal would be considered a victory in the greater scheme of things.

Now the new kid on the block would have a major hurdle to clear for a chance to qualify for the Regions being held in the Valley. This Hawk Soccer team ended the year with 16 wins which was one win less than CL had added up during their first 6 years of competition.

Go to this Link for to recount this game: CL Hawks Soccer Beat Gonzales for Sweet 16 Berth



CL’s Football team would have their first 10 win season and this game would be the first that had the Hawks playoff march make it to the 3rd round. There had been 3 previous chances that had all failed in getting to that next rung on the ladder.


2010 Hawks beat Burnet      (27-20) and lost to Somerset  (24-25)
2013 Hawks beat Pleasanton  (24-21) and lost to La Grange (8-50)
2014 Hawks beat Waco LaVega (49-26) and lost to Rockport  (21-27) in overtime.

               Let’s Go Hawks!!

So with CL had two chances that would just come up short in those previous tries, but this time Pleasanton would not be able to hold this loaded Hawk team that had a convincing (28-10) win and a date with Waco La Vega in that next round.

This win would give your Hawks their longest winning streak to date at 8 games and finished their year with a 35 point scoring average while giving up just 18 which is still the best defense for a Canyon Lake team.

Canyon Lake went into their halftime down 3 points but would outscore the Eagles, 21-0 in the 2nd Half for this victory.

A Hawk team that would win a District Crown which would give CL a first round date with Gatesville and then Pleasanton giving The Lake their best season to date.

Go to this Link: CL Hawks Make History Against Pleasanton


NUMBER 5: Volleyball’s 2015 season after beating 2nd Place Navarro that clinched a District 26-4A Championship.

This would also be the year that CL would finally not only win a game but a set within a game against the perennial heavyweight of the Hill-Country in Wimberley.

Yes, you read that right, The Lake had not even won a set in all those years of battles as each year the Texans would show two wins coming by, 3-0 sweeps for each district contest year in and year out.

              Way to Go Hawks!!

There was one year that CL was able to get within 2 points but the result was still the same….all the time….

Now the Hawks were able to have a former player from this behemoth school that had been hired as CL’s Coach, in Kim Paisley (now Clemons), and in her 3rd year at the helm she had a team that would finally be able to climb that mountain but would have enough energy to climb an even higher realm in securing The Lake’s first district championship of any kind for all Hawk sports.

It was Navarro, that had the 2nd best record that would pose the bigger threat in seeing if Canyon Lake could finish a magical season by not only winning the crown but finish undefeated.

Read this Article and see all about all the goals this team had achieved: CL Hawks Become First Hawk Team to Win a District Crown


Way to Go Hawks!!

CL Volleyball: District 28-4A Awards for 2019 Season

Monday, December 2nd, 2019

                            CL Hawks Celebrate another, ‘Point Hawk’, moment during 2019 Season.       (photo by Hayley Melone)


Canyon Lake’s Volleyball Squad had the District 28-4A awards announced and the Hawks capped off another successful season with some well deserving ladies.



Sunday, November 10th, 2019

Canyon Lake High School Quarterback / Linebacker Brandon Robinson (#4)battles with a Liberty Hill blocker as he attempts to reach the running back. rr[Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

                    THIS WEEK        @     CANYON LAKE               November 12-16

Nov. 12 Tuesday     CL Hawks JV      @     Lockhart           500p  Boys  Basketball
                    Poteet Freshman  @     CL Hawks Freshman  500p  Girls Basketball
                    Poteet JV        @     CL Hawks JV        500p  Girls Basketball
                    CL Hawks         @     Lockhart           600p  Boys  Basketball
                    Poteet           @     CL Hawks           600p  Girls Basketball

Nov. 15 Friday      CL Hawks Fresh   @     SA Lee Freshman    500p  Girls Basketball
                    CL Hawks         @     SA Lee Academy     600p  Girls Basketball
                    CL Hawks         vs.   Needville          730p        Football
                    Merrill Green Stadium  Bryan, Texas

Nov. 16 Saturday    CL Hawks Fresh   @     La Vernia Fres    1000a  Boys  Basketball
                    CL Hawks JV      @     La Vernia JV      1000a  Boys  Basketball
                    CL Hawks         @     La Vernia         1115a  Boys  Basketball
                    CL Hawks JV/Fr   @     Fredericksburg    TBA    Girls Basketball



Volleyball: CL Finished their Season in Loss, 3-0 Season & All-Time Stats

Saturday, November 9th, 2019

CL Hawks Finish season in the Area Round after successful, 23-18 record.      (Thanks goes to Hayley Melone for photos)


Canyon Lake once again came up short after losing in their Area Round to Bellville after finishing this season with a respectable, 23-18 record.


CL Hawks Finally Get Off the Bus in Bi-District Win over Salado, 3-1

Wednesday, November 6th, 2019

        CL Hawks ready for ride home after getting off their bus late in win over Salado, 3-1.


The Canyon Lake Volleyball team got off their Bus in time for a win over the Salado Eagles in the first round of playoff games, 3-1.



Sunday, November 3rd, 2019

Canyon Lake High School Strong End / Defensive End Kolton Ramey (#88) and Center / Defensive Tackle Brayden Hodge (#64) rushes the Lampasas offensive line.  rr[Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

                 This Busy Week   @    Canyon Lake         November 5-9

Tuesday  Nov. 5  CL Hawks         vs.  Salado              700p   Volleyball
                 Bi-District           Georgetown

Wednesday Nov 6  Georgetown       @    CL Hawks Gold       530p   Football

Thursday  Nov 7  CL Hawks Fresh   @    Liberty Hill Fresh  500p   Football
                 CL Hawks JV      @    Liberty Hill JV     700p   Football       
                   CL Hawks        vs    Bellville           730p   Volleyball
                   Area Round            Smithville

Friday    Nov 8  Area Volleyball  @    TBD                 TBD    Volleyball
                 Liberty Hill     @    CL Hawks            730p   Football

Saturday  Nov 9  CL Hawks         @    Lee Academy         900a   Basketball



Volleyball: CL Hawks Get Pay Back in Win over Bandera, 3-1

Tuesday, October 29th, 2019

CL Hawks huddling before key win over Bandera. (photo by Hayley Melone)

Canyon Lake had pay back in their win over Bandera for a seldom used Monday contest that now has the Hawks making plans for their Bi-District tilt with the Salado Eagles next week.



Sunday, October 27th, 2019

Canyon Lake High School Fullback / Linebacker Patrick Almond (#5) pressures Fredericksburg’s quarterback Tucker Elliiot (#2). rr[Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

                         THIS WEEK     @   CANYON LAKE             October 28-November 1st

Monday Oct. 28    Bandera Freshman     @   CL Hawks Freshman       500p Volleyball
                  Bandera JV           @   CL Hawks JV             500p Volleyball
                  Bandera              @   CL Hawks                600p Volleyball

Tuesday Oct. 29   New Braunfels 7th B  @   MVMS 7th B              500p Football
                  New Braunfels 7th A  @   MVMS 7th A              615p Football

Thursday Oct. 31  CL Hawks Gold        @   Hondo Blue              500p Football
                  Lampasas Freshman    @   CL Hawks Freshman       500p Football
                  Lampasas JV          @   CL Hawks JV             700p Football

Friday Nov. 1st   CL Hawks             @   Lampasas                730p Football