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CL Hawks Lose Mojo in Freddie Game, 2-3

Thursday, October 10th, 2019

CL Hawks will need to huddle up in order to get back in their 28-4A District Race.      (photo by: Hayley Melone)


Canyon Lake’s Volleyball team suffered their 2nd straight 5-Set loss to Fredericksburg on Tuesday night, 2-3. This loss throws District 28-4A into a dog fight for schools looking for a 2nd place seeding for the playoffs.


THIS WEEK @ CANYON LAKE October 8th-11th

Sunday, October 6th, 2019

                                                          Caroline Kullberg winding up for a Kill.                            (photo by Hayley Melone)


                  THIS WEEK              @      CANYON LAKE              October 8-12

Tue. Oct. 8       Church Hill MS B 8th   @      MVMS B 8th               500p  Football
                  CL Hawks Freshman      @      Fredericksburg Freshman  500p  Volleyball
                  CL Hawks JV            @      Fredericksburg JV        500p  Volleyball
                  CL Hawks               @      Fredericksburg           600p  Volleyball
                  Church Hill MS A 8th   @      MVMS A 8th               615p  Football

Wed. Oct. 9       CL Hawks               @      Llano Invitational       345p  Cross Country

Thu. Oct. 10      CL Gold                @      Fredericksburg           430p  Football
                  Taylor Freshman        @      CL Hawks Freshman        600p  Football
                  Taylor JV              @      CL Hawks JV              700p  Football

Fri. Oct. 11      CL Hawks Freshman      @      Bandera Freshman         500p  Volleyball
                  CL Hawks JV            @      Bandera JV               500p  Volleyball
                  CL Hawks               @      Bandera                  600p  Volleyball
                  CL Hawks               @      Taylor                   730p  Football



Canyon Lake Takes Care of Llano, Wimberley is Next this Friday

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019

                     Cassidy Felps working on another assist for Megan Vorhis.   (photo by Hayley Melone)

Canyon Lake’s Volleyball took care of business in sweeping the Llano Yellowjackets for their 9th straight win and with an unblemished district record, 2-0.


THIS WEEK @ CANYON LAKE Oct. 1st – 4th

Saturday, September 28th, 2019

                                          Hawks show their excitement after scoring a point.               (photo by Hayley Melone)

              THIS WEEK        @     CANYON LAKE        October 1st - 5th

Tue. Oct 1st  Llano Freshman   @     CL Hawks Freshman    500p   Volleyball
              Llano JV         @     CL Hawks JV          500p   Volleyball
              Llano            @     CL Hawks             600p   Volleyball

Thu. Oct 3rd  Seguin           @     CL Hawks Gold        500p   Football
              CL Hawks JV      @     Seguin JV            500p   Football

Fri. Oct 4th  Wimberley Fresh  @     CL Hawks Freshman    500p   Volleyball
              Wimberley JV     @     CL Hawks JV          500p   Volleyball
              Wimberley        @     CL Hawks             600p   Volleyball

Sat. Oct 5th  CL Hawks         @     TLU Invitational     800a   Cross Country



Volleyball: CL Hawks Fly Over Greyhounds, 3-1

Saturday, September 28th, 2019

       Senior Lainee Moses leading the way with Digs in Win over Boerne. (previous photo by Hayley Melone)


Canyon Lake’s Volleyball won their first District 28-4A contest over the Boerne Greyhounds, 3-1 for their 8th win in a row.


Volleyball: CL Hawks Just Miss Perfect Game, 25-1, 25-16, 25-19

Thursday, September 26th, 2019

                   CL Hawks have Convincing win over Marion in first Set of a Sweep.

Next up will be the Boerne Greyhounds after Canyon Lake took care of Marion on Tuesday night. The win gave the Hawks a 7 game streak and looking to be in good shape entering District 28-4A play.


THIS WEEK @ CANYON LAKE Sept. 23rd-28th

Sunday, September 22nd, 2019

CLHS running back Ethan Slater (#10) rushes through the Smithville defensive line. rr[Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

                  THIS WEEK          @       CANYON LAKE            September 23rd thru 28th

   Mon. Sept 23   CL Hawks           @       O’Connor HS            800a   Golf
                                             Sonterra Golf Course  Ice Breaker
                  CL Hawks JV        @       San Marcos JV          400p   Tennis

   Tue. Sept 24   Fredericksburg     @       CL Hawks               400p   Tennis
                  CL Freshman        @       Marion Freshman        500p   Volleyball
                  CL Hawks JV        @       Marion JV              500p   Volleyball
                  CL Hawks           @       Marion                 600p   Volleyball

   Thu. Sept 26   CL Hawks Freshman  @       Blanco JV              600p   Football

   Fri. Sept 27   CL Hawks Freshman  @       Boerne Freshman        500p   Volleyball
                  CL Hawks JV        @       Boerne JV              500p   Volleyball
                  CL Hawks           @       Boerne                 600p   Volleyball
                  Blanco             @       CL Hawks               730p   Football

   Sat. Sept 28   CL Hawks           @       Comort Oktoberfest     800a   Cross Country



Volleyball’s Sub-Varsity Keep’s Improving after Games with Johnson

Thursday, September 19th, 2019

Hawk Freshman learn from Coach Tosha Ridgeway after Johnson game.

Hawk’s Junior Varsity wait for Word’s of Wisdom from Coach Helmey.









Canyon Lake’s Sub-Varsity Volleyball continue to improve as season moves into district mode next week.



Sunday, September 15th, 2019


                                      Hawk Cross Country Taking home some hardware.

                      THIS WEEK      @     CANYON LAKE        September 16th - 20th

Tue. Sept. 17th       CL Hawks       @     Boerne                  400p   Tennis
                      Buda Johnson   @     CL Hawks Freshman       500p   Volleyball
                      Johnson JV     @     CL Hawks JV             600p   Volleyball

Wed. Sept. 18th       CL Hawks       @     Billies Invitational    200p   Cross Country
                      Hays Freshman  @     CL Hawks Gold           530p   Football

Thu. Sept. 19th       Smithville Fr  @     CL Hawks Freshman       500p   Football
                      Smithville JV  @     CL Hawks JV             700p   Football

Fri. Sept 20th        CL Hawks       @     Smithville              730p   Football


      Way to Be Heroes Hawks!!

The Hawks continues their busy Fall after celebrating Homecoming last week-end. The Student section was the best The ReSporter can ever remember with the stadium packed.

CL’s game did not go as expected but it was just the first loss and there are many more games coming up with the Football Team heading to Smithville as there will be just one more game before District 28-4A gets going after the Blanco home game in two weeks.

This week will have Wednesday and Thursday with the Hawks hosting games at the Hawk Nest. CL’s Gold team will be in action starting at 530pm against Hays Freshman. Then on Thursday, the Junior Varsity will play Smithville along with the Freshman team.

Tennis keeps up their schedule on Tuesday when they make a rare road game to Boerne with the first serve coming at 400pm.

Cross Country will be in action during the week and not on a regular Saturday. They will be in Fredericksburg for their Invitational run starting at 2pm. That might be a hot day for those runners.

Volleyball’s Varsity will be practicing this week without any games as they have just one more non-district date with Marion on a week from this Tuesday before a road game to Boerne to start district play.

         Way to Get a lot of Hits!!

This group is on a 6 game winning streak and will have their work cut out for them when the games that count get going.

If you find yourself needing to enjoy some Hawk sports then get to the High School or take a road trip to root for the CL students.

And Always….Go Hawks!!

Volleyball’s Sub-Varsity is All About Communication

Sunday, September 15th, 2019



Freshman Maddie Pipkin and Madison Hartman are starting to settle in as District 28-4A comes calling.

Lily Sanders and Macie Goodson prepare for District as pre-district games start to come to a close.

       Go Hawks!!









Canyon Lake’s Sub-Varsity Volleyball Team’s continue to improve as this season starts to mature after seeing both squads with wins after the Hawks swept Manor last Friday.