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CL Hawk’s Pleasanton Win is No. 2 on this Year’s Countdown

Friday, June 1st, 2018

Canyon Lake High School Running Back Jacob Ruff (#32) rushes for a touchdown against the Pleasanton High School Eagles.            (mjrphotog.com)

We are down to the final two for this year’s Top 15 Hawk Sporting events for this past school year. This was a season that had some similarities from the 2009-10 sports year when CL was taken to the cleaners in every sport that first year of varsity play.


Hawk’s Win over Taylor take 4th on Countdown List for District 14-4A Title

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

Quarterback Ben Fulton (#12) gives indication on who Won District 14-4A after beating  Taylor.                  (mjrphotog.com)

Canyon Lake Football has #4 on this year’s Countdown after finally taking care of Taylor and winning the 2nd District Championship in CL’s history, to start this record breaking season.


#5 Will Be the Area Championship for Boy’s Track & Field

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

                                           Boys Track & Field are Area Champions                (photo by Karen Holmes)

Coach Troy Moses had this to say bout the Area Meet, “All I can say is Wow!!!” At the end of the meet we had a, win the 4×400 and we are Champions!! I’m just so proud of the way our kids stepped up and performed. With our 4×200 relay finishing 2nd, that was not expected.”


Coming in at #6 was the Lady Hawk’s Basketball tilt with Fredericksburg

Monday, May 28th, 2018

Senior Alexa Ramos was a key cog in the Hawks Basketball Season. (photo by Karen Holmes)

CL Girl’s Basketball was at it again with their win over Fredericksburg to reach #6 on the Top 15 Countdown. Road wins is one of the main criteria for a Hawk club in having a chance of reaching one of the top sporting events. This was certainly a main reason for this lofty finish for CL’s Basketball club.


Girl’s Basketball Area Win over Sealy comes in 8th for Countdown

Saturday, May 26th, 2018

Reagan Heun and Chelsea Tschoepe were both integral on defense and offense during their run. (photo by Karen Holmes)

Girls Basketball Region win over Sealy will be next on this year’s Countdown coming in as #8 on the list.

“This was a huge win for us,” Head Coach Zach Burleson stated. “And it was like a lot of other games for us. Reagan (Heun) paced us throughout and we had a heck of a game from Jesse (Melendez) and Lainee (Moses). There was always somebody stepping up and making a big play. And that is what it takes to win playoff games like that.”


                            HAWK TOP 15 COUNTDOWN
                        15. Volleyball win over Wimberley in Bi-District
                        14. Girl’s Basketball beating Boerne Champion
                        13. Boy’s Basketball win over Wimberley
                        12. CL’s Football Bi-District win over Gatesville
                        11. Hawk Ladies Track & Field Season
                        10. Canyon Lake Football defeating an undefeated Boerne
                         9. Softball sweeping Navarro in their Bi-District contest
                         8. Girl’s Basketball Region win over Sealy

   Super Year Hawks, Congrats!!

Canyon Lake had a magical year during their Lady Basketball season and making the 3rd round would be another high water mark after taking care of the Sealy Tigers.

This team was built with defense but there were enough on offense that helped this team to clear several hurdles during this run as the Ladies had not won a Bi-District battle yet and then clearing the bar in that next round was a major CL event.

Reagan Heun was one of those contributors that used her Senior leadership on the court and during the season.

Heun would end her Senior Year by making the Texas Girls Coaches Association All-State Team. “This is a basketball performance based on the top 40 players in Class 4A,” Head Coach Zach Burleson heaped praise. “It is a big deal because there are 32 districts and only 40 players get chosen.”

Canyon Lake now has two that have made this high altitude award as Heun joins Ashley Pfaff who made this same team back during her 2010 season.


                                           Senior Year Stats
                                 Reagan Heun              Ashley Pfaff
                 Points               567                      494
                 Assists               71                       89
                 Rebounds             253                      199
                 Steals                64                       96
                 Blocks                16                       29
                 Made Free Throws     197                      153

Kudos for these two young ladies and Heun will be continuing her career when she goes up north to North Dakota State. From a Hawk to a Bison will be a chance to keep up with how she performs going to that next level.

         Way to Go Lady Hawks!!

This game with Sealy would see Canyon Lake with their defense taking control against a Tiger team was held to 8 points below their season average but this was nothing new for The Lake as they had lowered the offenses all season long when playing their opponents.

After holding the Tigers with a first quarter score, 12-3 Canyon Lake would never lose that lead as they coasted the remainder of this battle winning, 37-30.

Canyon Lake’s win was methodical and it continued their march through the season that had this group of ladies finishing their year (31-7) with 12 more wins than their pervious best during that 2010 season (19-10).

Enjoy going back a few months and relive the game:

Lady Hawks Keep Flying High in Area Win over Sealy, 37-30


A Hawk Sweep of Navarro in Softball is #9 for this Year’s Countdown

Friday, May 25th, 2018

Kenzie Sayles was one of many valuable Freshman this year playing Softball. (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake had a great year with this record setting season started. A two game sweep in a Bi-District game over Navarro put this date in the 9th place spot for this 2018-19 top-15 countdown.


Countdown Reaches #10 with Hawk Football Win over Boerne

Thursday, May 24th, 2018

Tristan Chacon follows a pretty good lineman in Jacob Foster for a long gain in win over Gatesville.                             (photo by Karen Holmes)

The Final 10 Countdown, commences with last year’s contest between Canyon Lake and Boerne. Both teams were flying high when this district game came calling.


CL’s Baseball Top 5 After Great Season

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

                                              Catcher Lee Stafford                                (photo by Karen Holmes)

                                  Top 5 Final Baseball; Stats

        ab                        runs                        hits
        Drew Tyra          70     Tanner Sellers       12     Cale Williams      18
        Caleb Williams     69     Caleb Williams       11     Drew Tyra          18
        Mason Lee          65     Matt Anderson         9     Brandon Robinson   16
        CJ Parrish         62     Drew Tyra             9     Mason Lee          13
        Brandon Robison    51     Mason Lee             8     CJ Parrish         12

        rbi’s                     extra base hits             base on balls
        Drew Tyra          17     Drew Tyra             5     Caleb Williams     19
        Caleb Williams     12     Brandon Robinson      4     Matt Anderson      17
        JT Greene          10     CJ Parrish            3     JT Greene          12
        Mason Lee           8     Tanner Sellers        3     Brandon Robinson   10
        Brandon Robinson    7     JT Greene             2     Drew Tyra           9 
                                  Mason Lee             2     Mason Lee           9

        batting ave               on base pct.                slugging pct.
        Brandon Robinson .314     Matt Anderson      .500     Brandon Robinson .392
        Greyson Lee      .273     Caleb Williams     .451     Greyson Lee      .364
        Caleb Williaiams .265     Brandon Robinson   .435     Drew Tyra        .343
        Drew Tyra        .257     Ethan Slater       .435     Tanner Sellers   .311
        Tanner Sellers   .244     JT Greene          .393     Caleb Williams   .279

        stolen bases              hit by pitch                2 out rbi’s
        Caleb Williams     10     Matt Anderson         6     Drew Tyra          10
        Tanner Sellers      7     CJ Parrish            6     Caleb Williams      6
        Mason Lee           6     Caleb Williams        4     JT Greene           5
        Brandon Robinson    5     Tanner Sellers        3     Mason Lee           3
        Lee Stafford        4     Avery Montgomery      2     (3) players tied with 2
                                  Lee Stafford          2

Countdown to 11th place with Girls Track & Field

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018


    Natalie McCoy waits for that important baton from Danielle Carty. (photo by Karen Holmes)



Next up for this year’s best games/sporting events for Canyon Lake will go to the girl’s Track & Field group.

Here is the Events covered up to this entry.


Countdown #12: Football Win over Gatesville for Bi-District, 31-21

Friday, May 18th, 2018


        Tristan Chacon was a workhorse throughout this past year’s football season. (photo by Karen Holmes)


CL’s Football Bi-District win over Gatesville will be next, as the Countdown continues with a #12  solid victory over a tough first round opponent.